Other products

Other products

We are providing wide variety of solar products. For complete list kindly call us or visit our company. Some of important solar products which we provide are as follows:

1. Solar panel

Specification : 6W, 10W, 25W,

2. Solar cooker

Details : May be used for cooking rice, dal etc.

3. Solar Emergency Light

Details : It contains solar panel and lantern both. It may be charged at day time and may be used at night.

4. Solar Calculator

Details: It has solar and battery bith. So it can be used in light as well as at night. Very useful for frequent application.

5. Solar food Dryer

Details : Dries food by using solar light.

6. Solar phone charger

Details : Very useful for traveling. It can charge mobile, i phones etc. in daytime.

For complete details please call : +91-7488608556